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Services Offered

Couples Therapy

Couples typically attend therapy together when they feel that they have run through all other options first. That being said, it is never too early to begin learning helpful and effective strategies to improve your relationship.  Whether you are looking to heal from infidelity, improve communication and connection, or do pre-marital work, couples therapy can help give you the tools you need to achieve your goals together.

Individual Therapy

Individuals seek therapy for various reasons. Depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem, are among many common experiences that trigger a desire for guidance to cope. Meeting individually in therapy sessions can help you process pieces of your life (past or current), discover coping strategies that resonate with you, and develop new patterns to keep you feeling confident and healthy in the long term.  Your therapist will work with you at your pace to teach you new skills and help you push your comfort zone to grow bigger and stronger.

Family Therapy

Sometimes in families there are concerns that pop up regarding behavior, communication, and/or boundaries. Family therapy can be helpful because often times there are dynamics occurring (i.e. a teenager acting out, a parent who yells frequently, or siblings in regular conflict) that affect the whole family. Family therapy may require participation from several family members, even those who may not seem directly involved, since everyone plays a role in how the unit functions.  Successful family therapy can help shift the “dance” of communication and patterns, and create a space for smoother interactions, problem solving, and peace.

Face-to-Face and Telehealth

At Blue Lotus Therapy Services, we want to ensure that every client feels safe and comfortable with how and where they are meeting with their therapist. We offer both face-to-face sessions in our Brighton and Okemos offices, as well as Telehealth sessions for clients located anywhere in the State of Michigan.


Sarah Harrier, MS LMFT, is an AAMFT-Approved Supervisor Candidate, and is able to provide supervision for Limited Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LLMFTs).

April Pocalujka, Ph.D-ABD, MA, LPC, CAADC, QIDP, is an approved supervisor for Limited Licensed Professional Counselors (LLPCs)

Areas of Expertise

We have therapists with a variety of interests and specialties to help our clients meet their therapeutic goals. Some of these specialties include family conflict/parenting concerns, trauma, self-harm, attachment, depression, anxiety, life transitions, low self-esteem, grief and loss, marital and relationship concerns, stress management, poor body image, addiction, LGBTQ+ concerns (gender identity and dysphoria, sexuality, same-sex relationship therapy, creating and maintaining healthy support systems, etc).

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